Many leading writers saw their work published in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine for the first time, and many known for novels have had short pieces here.

This site list all the issues I have available to sell.

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About Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine

Asimov's Science Fiction is an American science fiction magazine which publishes science fiction and fantasy and perpetuates the name of author and biochemist Isaac Asimov. It is currently published by Dell Magazines 10 times a year, with double issues in April/May and October/November.

Asimov's Science Fiction began life as the digest-sized Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine (or IASFM for short) in 1977. Davis Publications approached Asimov to lend his name to a new science fiction magazine. Asimov declined the invitation to be the editor, though he did contribute editorials and answer readers letters until his death. The first issue appeared in Spring 1977, with George H. Scithers as editor.

The magazine went bimonthly in 1978 and monthly in 1979.

Kathleen Moloney took the editor's chair temprarily in 1982, but handed over to Shawna McCarthy in 1983, who handed the reins to Gardner Dozois in 1986.

The mid-1980s saw publication rise to every four weeks, with an extra "mid-December" issue.

IASFM was sold to Bantam Doubleday Dell in January 1992 and the title changed to Asimov's Science Fiction.

Double issues were published during the 1990s but the schedule was reduced in 1996 to the present 10 issues per year, with double issues in April/May and October/November.

In 1998, the size was changed to match other magazines published by Dell.

The current editor, Sheila Williams, took over in 2004.


ISSN 1065-2698